1. /////Computer arts Thailand magazine, issue 13th, May 2010, P.54 “SURREAL EXPERIMENT”

2. /////Graphic Worldwide Asia, Feierabend Unique Books Verlag, Germany P.98-99, 192-193

The third volume of the series is dedicated to an entire continent: Asia. The selected designs originate from regions all over the continent, from Israel in the west to Japan in the far east. They represent an enormous diversity of styles, scripts, forms and visual languages. Recurring motivs are floral images and ornaments, while architecture – a dominating element in so many European designs – is almost absent. Nature, faces, script and myth play an important part in many works. It’s a fascinating visual journey!

3. /////Bronze prize from Modernform® Design Contest, Bangkok, Thailand

From the brief “Kitchen for metropolitan for celebrity, VJ.Woonsen”. We brainstormed to get the main idea and decided to revive Pop culture again in present day! and we didn’t want to separate areas between kitchen and living room with any partitions. Anyway, they gave us approximately six hours to finish the main concept and sketch design in the first round and then they chose ten teams from two hundred designer teams to competed. Finally, we have got third place and this is the result of it!

4. /////Modeller prize from Mitsubishi® Motor Design Contest, Motor expo 06, Bangkok, Thailand

5. /////Qualified and published in Bangkok International Gift Fair (BIG&BIH) 2004 in toy’s design category


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